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Kolbe P.

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..... [Jun. 7th, 2006|07:35 pm]
Kolbe P.
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[music |Nickelback]

hhhmmkay, so i finally got one of these. Yay for Kolbe--please, try and contain your excitment. :P

I decided that there are a couple main things about Missouri that make it so completley and utterly rockalicious. (my sister's word, she's infected me!!! :P)
1.) The storms. They are amazing, but i guess that would count for all of Missouri right? Ah well.
2.) It has cobblestone streets. Well, some parts anyways, but i think they're fabulious.
3.) The houses in the part of it where im staying are awesome, even if they are all brick, but they are extremely pretty.
4.) That it's NOT Massachusets--that in itself make's it awesome. ;)

Well, that's really all for now, i still need to find people on here. Ciao.